A platform to exchange trusted and relevant knowledge within your personal network. Currently in private Beta



Advait graduated in 2015 with a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London.

He was the Team Principal of Imperial’s Formula Student project in which he managed a team of 40 engineers.

He was the founding employee at a UK based startup that raised $1.6M on Kickstarter - making it one of the 0.01% of crowdfunding projects that raise over a $1M. He managed the crowdfunding campaign and all related activities.

He also worked at Lightbox VC, a prestigious venture capital firm in Mumbai after returning to India.


Rishabh graduated in 2015 with a BEng in Computer Science from Imperial College London.

He has worked in the startup space and has built complex system architecture in the past.

Some of Rishabh’s projects include:

  • - Building an OS system kernel from the ground up.

  • - A simple Artificial Intelligence player for the game Oware.

To learn more about Rishabh’s projects, click here

We were accepted into the Founder Track of Y Combinator's 10 week online course called Startup School (not to be confused with their 3 month accelerator programme in California). They accepted 20% of the companies that applied. We were mentored by a YC alumni as part of the programme.


We’re building a question and answer platform for your personal network (friends and family). Users can ask their daily questions on the platform and receive trusted information from people they know. The aim is to enable users to efficiently leverage the knowledge in their network.

Example use cases

  • “I am travelling to Bali next month, does anyone have recommendations for where to stay and things to do?”
  • “I am looking to buy a TV streaming device. Any suggestions for which one to get?”
Work related
  • “We are looking to hire a frontend developer. Does anyone have good leads for people or hiring agencies?”
Personal favours
  • “If anyone is travelling from Delhi to Mumbai, please let me know. I need something to be urgently carried to Mumbai.”

Stage of development

We are an early stage startup with a small team and are currently in private beta. We are releasing new versions of the app every 4-6 weeks. The company is currently funded personally by the founders themselves. Below are some of the screenshots from our Beta app:
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We’re hiring

Frontend Developer

Required technical skills:
React Native or ReactJS

Bonus skills:
Native iOS (Objective C or Swift)

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