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Rishabh’s Interesting projects

  • Built a compiler from scratch for a programming language with the following features: function declaration, loops, if else statements, variables (with proper scoping) and a static type system. The compiler compiled the language and optimised the resulting Intel x86 assembly code to minimise the number of operations.
  • Built an assembler for a subset of ARM11 assembly code. This would convert the assembly to binary which could then be executed on a Raspberry pi.
  • Developed a character recognition app for newspaper articles. The app would enable users to store newspaper articles on the phone as text. The user could take a picture of the article which would then be uploaded to the server. The backend would then run OCR (optical character recognition) on the image using the tesseract-ocr library. The resulting text would be saved on the user’s mobile for later reference.
  • Built a virtual dressing room Desktop app - built using the Microsoft Kinect Sensor which allowed people to virtually try out and design clothes.
  • Made an Android application that allowed people to 'tap the drums' of any song while listening to it. The user would choose a song from their library, the app would then run a series of analysis on it to extract the drum beats. The user could then hear the song while tapping the screen.
  • Made the software for a digital pen along with its mobile app: With this pen, one could write on any surface (as long as it is not shiny), and the movement of the pen would get tracked and mirrored onto the app. The app used OpenGL to render a “notebook” on which the writing would show in real time. The connection between the pen and the mobile would be established via bluetooth.
  • Wrote algorithms to achieve consensus in a truly distributed system (each node in the system is independent and equal. i.e. there is no one node that is controlling other nodes, no master slave architecture).